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The Academy

Learn what you really need to know.

Gain essential knowledge with which you can actually achieve your goals.

Strong base
Learn to think like a pro
Obtain official certificates
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Being well-educated in entrepreneurship and music marketing, is essential for any ambitious musician, artist manager and label owner.

But what does it take? How does doing business in the music industry differ from 'ordinary' business? And where do you start?

At the Indieplant Academy you'll be taught all the essential knowledge you need to become successful in the music industry. Our lessons are developed by experienced teachers and entrepreneurs in the music industry.

In short
Your membership gains you access to the Academy with which you'll have the right tool in hands to make some really big steps.

Business plan for musicians
Marketing plan for musicians
Music marketing for pros
Build your team
Score gigs
"Indieplants Academy really helps us as artists! It's the perfect explanation of the industry in an online course!"
Celine Rae
"Indieplant Academy didn’t teach us how to be a rockband. The music and the attitude was all ready there.

The Academy DID teach us how a rockband can survive in the current musical landscape. That’s the one thing musicians can’t teach themselves. You can only learn how the business works from someone who’s in the business. That’s the number one reason why Indieplant Academy is important. Instead of just looking in through the window, the Academy teaches you how to blow the doors right open."
Wim D'Hond - Experienced?!?

Develop yourself

With our Artist Development.

Step into our advanced Artist Development program, without scary contracts.

Management Support without scary contracts.
Power up with the right knowledge and tools at the right times.
Grow and and your support grows along.
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Artist Development

Learning is good. But in the end it's all about how you apply your newly acquired knowledge. With our unique Artist Development program, we'll help you to apply your new insights properly. And we'll keep you sharp to keep getting better.

While you're evolving, you'll unlock more options in our platofmr. Our support grows with you so that we're always able to provide suitable solutions for you. Like for example more extensive services or the support of an artist manager, record label, publisher or booking agent. All to keep you focused on your music.

At the same time, our program will aim to save you from making costly and time consuming mistakes like having an imperfect release planning, a wrong order of executing tasks, image inconsistencies or hanging around the wrong type of people to halt your progress.

In short
Your membership gives you access to our Artist Development program. It will help you to apply your acquired insights well and saving yourself from making painful mistakes and giving yourself the chance to progress.

Keep growing

With insights from professionals.

With access to a total of 160 years of music industry experice,
you'll see there's a lot still to discover.

Your secret weapon: 160 years of experice.
Access to our periodic classical classes.
Conversations with our experts by phone.
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our consultations

So, what's next? What best to invest in now? And what will give the most return?

These are just some of the questions every ambitious musician, artist manager or label owner ask themselves. That's why you can discuss with your artist and label developer about your progress, data analysis and choises. It's the way we help you to make the very best decisions.

In short
Your membership gives you access to our experienced music professionals for consults with which you are no longer alone in making the best decisions.

Complete overview

With the Online Manager.Beta

Have all your projects fully under control, with our online project manager.

Management tool for musicians and their managers.
Get started easily with our detailed premade templates.
Complete with integrated information and advises.
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the Online Manager

With your Online Manager you'll really get stuff done! Our user-friendly and one-of-a-kind management tool will help you to plan and execute your projects like releases, tours and marketing campaigns, professionally.

What makes this tool extra unique, is that our Academy is implemented right into it. In this way you'll learn about individual tasks, right when you need it.

From now on you'll have everything under control:
  • Manage: all your different projects on a single page.
  • Simple: learn the ins and outs in one minute.
  • Quickstart: with project templates (soon).
  • Overview: over multiple different projects at the same time.
  • Artist managers: show that you've put your hours in.
  • First things first: upcoming tasks are shown first.
  • Divide your tasks into different phases.
  • Add unlimited tasks, notes (and soon also: alerts).
  • Move and resize tasks directly in your timeline.
  • Change the status of tasks to keep track of activity.
  • Phases and tasks automatically sort by date.
  • Separate timelines for projects and phases.
  • Label projects, phases and tasks by color.
  • Changes are saved automatically.

In short
The Online Manager is the management tool that does the heavy lifting so that you're certain of keeping a clear overview, while saving valuable time.

The new tool is live to our Startup and Indie Members and will continue to be expanded and improved continuously.

Analyze yourself

And make super smart decisions.

Together, we analyze the data you've gathered using our assessment tool, to plan the best path for you and your act.

Measure your social media, sales, promotion and more.
Evaluate your progress with your Artist and Label Developer.
Make informed decisions, based on actual data.

Binnenkort More information.

Distribute, promote, sell

Every successful release relies on these three pillars. Release your music successfully with our specialized services.

Online and physical distribution, across the globe.
Accompanied by smart and complete marketing.
Modern and personal sales to record stores.
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promotion and sales

In this small world of ours, half a million songs are released each month. That's almost 700 per hour! Do you ever wonder how you can make your music stand out in stores with millions of records?

Music that stands out usually stand out because of smart marketing by marketeers and pluggers. The idea or story behind your act needs to be presented to editors, journalists, programmers and ultimately the listeners. This takes a lot of people, time and energy, but is essential if you want to become successful. We're here to support you with this.

In short
Your Indieplant Membership gives you access to unlimited online music distribution, as well as access to our other distribution, promotion and sales divisions.

And finally, Connect!

Musical activities, only for Members.

The music industry is complex and ever changing. But it's also a super fun and social place.
We organize all kinds of cool and useful activities and events, often exclusively for our members.

A demo drop where demos are actively reviewed.
Take part in creative writing camps.
Save time and money with our back office.
Get a chance to perform at one of our events.
A growing international network of indies.
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Our network
We have an independent and international network of labels, publishers, bookers, marketeers, managers, artists, image builders, art directors and media companies. Your membership is your access key to that network.

Complete back office
Indieplant is your complete back office that gives artists, labels and managers, all they need, like the production of cds, vinyl and merchandise and a professional studio for recording, mixing and mastering. After 30 years of experience in media production, we've perfected our craft. We also provide administration, coaching, image building, music video production and A&R.

A powerful demo drop
We frequently review the demos that we receive in our demo drop and forward a selection to appropriate labels, artist managers, publishers and press channels.

Gig Machine
Show everybody what you're capable of and improve your act by joining our Gig Machine, which connects acts and stages for starting acts. Only Indieplant Members can subscribe to our Gig Machine program.

Writing Camps
Your Indieplant Membership also enables you to participate in genre specific writing camps! The best compositions are likely to be professionally released.

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