Order out of chaos.

Three flavours

We offer three flavours in management. Either we educate you to be able to manage your act yourself (with a Indieplant Startup membership), we collaborate extensively in what we call a 'Manage Project' or if you're ready for it, your very own artist manager.


As a free Indieplant member, you can read some useful ebooks to learn a thing or two about the music industry, but as a Startup member you will really learn the tricks of the trade. You'll learn how to write a business plan for your act and how to release a single, ep or album.

Join Indieplant


We've worked long and hard on developing what we call 'Manage Project' which is a complete plan of attack to release your single, ep or album. You'll have your own assistant that will keep an eye on deadlines and keep all involved on track, you'll have access to all the tools you will need during the project and the distribution of your release is included. If you're interested, feel free give us a call.



If you think you're ready to be managed by a professional artist manager, feel free to give us a call. If you think you're ready but you're not yet sure, please contact us and we'll talk it through.