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Upcoming event will be another jamsession in wich i can create some live home video performance and setup my cam correctly for it. Right now we are looking for a female singer-but don't mind this-let's jam together!

Experimental Music Fun & sound engineering






Creating live sessions with UbuntuStudio, a lot of gear and other musicians. Anyone can join.
Hello this is Roy, once i started out with a band called Restless and we made some nice tunes of our own. But the band left for several reasons and i started my own projects. Mostly i play the guitar and build something for it or around it. There is always an open room with me playing with other musicians.

When i was about 15yo i learned some guitarplaying and had good musiclessons from my guitarteacher. This was of good value and i shall always be thankful for all things he shared. Answers about life itself became answered and my interrest in playing and learning about music theory made a gateway. Now that both my parents are not on Earth, it is time for me to make something of my life and focus me on myself. Wich automatically leads to more sounds&music to share with the world and once become my own manager when it comes to dayjobs. We can create together also on some open(-source) projects and also provide a good sounding album, together!! Some real female vocalists would turn me fully on. What about some lyrics on the song: A Sunday Friday Jam. Hmm...


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