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Promote your music.
Increase your fanbase.

Spread your music with download cards as a promotional tool or to add value to your physical release with digital content. With email addresses being collected automatically, you'll stay in contact with your fans. Prices from 8 cent per card.

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Music promotion in style.

With download cards you add value to your physical products and increase your promotional options.

Great promotion

Give your fans quick and easy access to your music. Promote your music by handing our download cards and gig or festivals.

Valuable merch

By adding an download card to your cd, vinyl or band shirt, you give yoiur product a clear added value. For example by giving away an exclusive track or unseen video footage in digital form.

Increased fanbase

In contrast to for example flyers, you know exacly who redeems your download cards by the email addresses that are automatically collected. This enables you to maintain contact with your fans.

How does it work?

Spectacular service for your fans

On each download card is a unique code and a web address that your (potential) fan visits to gain access to the special material that you've uploaded. This can be individual songs, live recordings or anything really. Your fan will now get access to your content, anywhere on earth.

Get 'em quickly

Choose your product and place your order. In our webshop you'll download the template for the design and you can upload the finished design and data-files when you're ready. We'll generate a personalized download page (or you can use your existing Indieplant Page), we'll generate your unique download codes and print your cards.


We'll arrange everything you need. We print your cards, each with your custom design and its unique code, we'll host your data and we will collect the email addresses of everybody that uses your download card. Each week you'll be send a report and of course you'll be able to use the email addresses for future marketing actions.

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