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Billy Maluw (born May 2, 1984) is a singer-songwriter and pianist from Purmerend, The Netherlands. His musical style is folk, soul and pop

Billy grew up in Purmerend, The Netherlands. He started playing the piano at the age of 13. He took lessons from Afko Borst at the Purmerend school of music. After four years of practice he was admitted to het Amsterdam Conservatory. There his tutor was, among others, Marjes Benoist. After his classical education he decided to evolve into jazz music. He studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and worked with, amongst others, Juraj Stanik.

Career and music

At the Amsterdam Conservatory Billy came in contact with different musical stiles. These experiences influenced his music until today.

He feels at home in many musical environments. In 2010 he performed the Edvard Gries piano concerto and performed for the Netherlands Prince Willem of Orange with an opera group. Furthermore he performed in jazz cafes, at music festivals on city scares etc. His versatility shows in the writing of the music for the musical ‘Sarah’, which is about a girl growing up in The Netherlands in world war II.

Now Billy owns a school of music and teaches 40 students on the piano and at ensemble singing. Besides he works as a free lance teacher at the Frank Sanders musical academy and the Babette Labeij school of music, both prestigious schools respectively for musical theater and singing/instrumental music. At the Frank Sanders musical academy he also composes for school projects and leads them as a musical director.

His greates passion however is singing. Billy says: ‘For me singing is the most direct way to communicate with my audience. I reach them directly, as a person, playing the piano the instrument is in between.’ Billy sings solo with his piano, but also performes together with his band.

Billy discovered his singing skills when he was a young boy but did not pay many attention. Untill the moment he started composing music. He noticed his music raised emotions with his audience and felt singing was his mission.

He performs since 2009. he took the attention of Talpa Music and was contracted. Together with the booking office Dicore he builds his singing career.

Composing will always be a source of inspiration, he continues to develop whereby each song is a chapter and each text a new page.


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